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Hardwood Flooring in Oklahoma City, OK


Hardwood flooring has consistently maintained its popularity, classic style, and desirability over decades of time and across generations. At Flooring America Oklahoma City, we carry a broad range of solid and engineered wood species to meet the desires of even the most discerning customer. If you are looking for the golden, honeyed tones of oak, the strong and expressive grains of maple, or the rich depth of walnut, you’ve come to the right place. Floors graced with hardwood never go out of style and always bring an aura of elegance to each home. 


We offer comprehensive services to accompany our broad inventory of hardwood products. Start with a free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our knowledgeable staff, along with custom home measurements. Thanks to our nationwide 500-store buying power, we only source materials from top-quality manufacturers across North America. Visit our Oklahoma City, OK, showroom today to view our expansive hardwood selections today!


light toned hardwood flooring in a stylish kitchen with grey cabinets and island


Types of Hardwood Flooring - Engineered vs Solid Hardwood


There are several factors to consider when making your flooring selection decision, such as species and wood type, size of plank construction, brand, color, and style. We have all the major brands to choose from at our store, and you get the service and support you need from our friendly and helpful flooring specialists while exploring your options. Check with our associates when considering whether or not a finish or grain pattern may be a suitable choice. We have the product knowledge and design expertise to ensure you nail your interior design goals while enjoying long-lasting performance that meets the demands of your household. Explore the two main types of hardwood flooring available at our local flooring store:


Engineered Wood Floors


The ongoing pursuit of excellence in the flooring industry results in optimized products such as engineered hardwood flooring. This product is created with several layers of wood (usually three to twelve), which are fused together and topped with a thin veneer of real hardwood floors. The result is an appealing wood floor that boasts enhanced performance benefits. Engineered hardwood is considered the most reliable type of wood flooring available, and can withstand high-moisture areas such as bathrooms, basements, and kitchens, while solid wood may suffer some warping if saturated. 


Solid Wood Floors


Solid wood flooring is also renowned for its longevity and will continue to shine when given the proper care. As one of the toughest and most durable types of floor covering on the market, hardwood is a natural-looking, resilient option that sustainability advocates will adore. With regular cleaning and maintenance, it will last and make a favorable impression in your home for decades to come. Choose from your favortie wood species, grain patterns, plank size, shape, stain, finish, and installation patterns for an upgraded look that’s unique to you. Additionally, solid wood flooring can be refinished over its lifespan to refresh your floors or switch up the look!


wide planked hardwood flooring in a large bright bedroom


Benefits of Hardwood Flooring


There’s a reason hardwood continues to be the most sought-after home flooring solution with our Oklahoma City customers. Among its natural beauty, it offers a variety of functional benefits as well. Whether you choose engineered or solid wood, you can expect to find top-quality products and precise installation at Flooring America of Oklahoma City. We carry leading hardwood brands, including Aquadura H2O, Baroque Flooring, Downs, Mannington, Shaw, and much more. 


Discover all the benefits of choosing hardwood flooring at our local showroom in Oklahoma City: 


Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation


Whatever type of hardwood floor you decide upon for your home, we are ready to provide the hardwood flooring installation you need. Our local Oklahoma City team is equipped with the proper skills for a precise and swift installation that best fits your schedule. We’re so sure you will love your new floors that we back every installation with our Adore Your Floor Guarantee. This states that we will replace your floors at no additional charge within 30 days if you are not satisfied for any reason. Ready to learn more about hardwood flooring? 


Contact us today with all your questions about hardwood flooring options. We are proud to serve customers in Oklahoma City, OK, as well as the surrounding communities.

hardwood flooring in a modern living room

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hardwood flooring in a modern living room
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