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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile Flooring in Oklahoma City, OK

The Lasting Beauty of Ceramic

Crafted from the fires of a heated kiln, ceramic tile is one of the most popular flooring choices for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces in the nation. An incredibly durable and versatile material, ceramic floor tiles can be customized into many different patterns, shapes, and colors, allowing your inner style to emerge within your home. Here at Flooring America in Oklahoma City, our team of dedicated flooring professionals is here to help you discover the tile floor of your dreams.

Ceramic tile is a popular household choice for many reasons, including its ease of care. When you shop our collection of tile flooring, you’ll find that our ceramics are scratch, crack, and water-resistant. Capable of withstanding the natural elements of heat and cold weather, your ceramic will look pristine for years.

From a roughhewn, authentic stone look, to a cleaner style for that classic kitchen aesthetic, a tile floor made of ceramic gives your home a touch of elegance. Regardless of what fashion you desire, our tile will suit your preferences at a price that works for any budget. Come on down to our showroom and explore our vast inventory of products.

Why Choose Ceramic Tile?

With endless design possibilities, there are numerous benefits to selecting ceramic tile as your flooring of choice. While our showroom has plenty of style options, we can work quickly to source a perfect fit if we don’t carry your preferred selection. While other flooring types such as hardwood and carpet are more difficult to customize, you can choose the cut shape, pattern, colors, and choice of glaze (or lack thereof) for your tile floor plan. Its water-blocking properties and resistance to wear and tear make it a fabulous plan for busy households. People who are prone to allergies will find relief as the tile’s hard surface blocks dander, pollens, and other microbes.

Modern homes and offices often enjoy the contemporary architecture of open rooms with plenty of natural light. As a downside, other flooring options are known to fade and lose their vibrancy over time. With ceramic tile flooring, you have a surface that is fade-resistant, allowing for the color and hues to keep their original shine. Another uncommon benefit to ceramic tile is its ability to be used for a wall backsplash in addition to the floor. Align your floor and wall tiles for a contemporary approach or mix and match tiles for an exotic look.

If you prefer the look of other tile types, worry not as our ceramic tiles can be made in the following styles:

  • Textured Stone with a Pattern
  • Brick
  • Metal and Stone
  • Restored or Patterned Wood
  • Natural Stone
  • Quartz and Mineral Stone

Proper Maintenance of Ceramics

With the tender care that your tile deserves, you can keep your floor looking brand new for years to come. Cleaning your ceramic flooring or backsplash is as easy as wiping or mopping the surface with soap and water. Regular sweeping can aid in the continuous removal of dust or dirt that may collect. For a deeper clean, consider whether or not your tile is glazed. Glazed tiles could sometimes use a strong solution all-purpose cleaner for their surface type. Otherwise, unglazed tiles can be given a deeper clean with paste, water, and scouring powder. Before the purchase and use of a chemical-based cleaning product, consult our knowledgeable specialists for a recommendation or check your product’s warranty.

Choose Flooring America for Your Installation Needs

When you shop with Flooring America Oklahoma City, you’ll receive a comprehensive experience starting with flooring selection to final installation. Our team of skilled technicians has years of experience handling ceramic tile among other flooring installs. Rather than attempt a self-installation, let our team assist you to ensure the perfect functionality and beauty of your new floors. We’re so confident in our work that we offer an Ultimate Confidence Guarantee for added assurance. If you find yourself unhappy with our installation job, give us a call and we will make any repairs or changes, free of charge. With state-of-the-art equipment, our professionals will arrive on time for your schedule.


Get started today and contact us to begin your flooring remodel with new ceramic tile. We proudly serve customers in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Norman, OK.


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